Hannah Shucksmith is a British Life Coach, passionate about inspiring and empowering people. Her jewellery is designed not only to look amazing, but to make the wearer feel their best.
Hannah loves helping others transform self talk and mental health, having personally experienced the challenge of both. Through the use of empowering words and symbols the jewellery invites you to a more positive and purposeful focus.


A jewellery brand focused on joyful living. Each piece comes with a ‘Journal Time’ card designed to inspire, motivate and enlighten. you. First launched in 2014, with the inspirational Be Collection, the brand has evolved with this aspiration at the centre. In 2017, the brand relaunched under the designers own name.

All Hannah Shucksmith jewellery is Sterling Silver and 18ct Gold Vermeil on Sterling Silver, using Precious and Semi-Precious stones.