Ever feel like you know you have a huge amount of potential but you cannot quite capture it. Or that you have amazing ideas and dreams but cannot choose which one to pursue first. Or just that, if you are really honest with yourself, you're not quite sure where you have gone. 

Confidence affects everything. As does focus and the power of prioritisation. You were made with purpose, passion and power and I want to walk along side you as you rediscover what that means.


I am particularly passionate about working with mothers. Motherhood, more than any other role we take on can seem all consuming. The role in which finding independence can seem impossible. Finding time to do anything for ourseves for that matter! The transition into motherhood seems to be one where women can leave themselves behind. 

Wether you've recently had a baby, or your little ones are about to all leave for school (or they are flying the nest entirely!) I would love to walk alongside you through the transition of defining how you want this stage of life to look for you.

The Story...

Hannah's interest in and love of coaching began when she was just 18 and a school friends mother coached her and a group of friends. The most memorable activity from the session was that everyone was asked to write down their six month, one year, two year and five year goals. Years later in her early 20's Hannah found this plan and to her surprise 90% of the things she had written down she had achieved. There were things she hadn't written down that she hadn't done.

Hannah started having one to one coaching at that point. A relationship was her priority then... and from having very little success in her romantic life until that point a few brave goals in and she was successfully meeting and dating lots of the right kind of men, and six months later had met her now husband.

Coincidence? Hannah has experienced in her own life just how powerful taking ownership and setting clear goals is. Since that first introduction to coaching Hannah has always known she was going to become a coach at some point - it was just a matter of life experience and timing. 

After setting up the jewellery business and having quite a crash in her mental health Hannah realised it was time for a change. After plenty of time working on herself and her priorities, lots of tears and therapy later it was time to train as a life coach. The idea behind the jewellery was always to create encouragement and focus and Hannah wanted to take this to a more personal level and help people on a one to one basis. As an extrovert she missed being around people more so working with people directly was a very exciting concept. 

Hannah has since qualified as a Personal Performance Coach and combined her jewellery and coaching business'. 

Proudest Moment...

'One of my proudest moments was being told by a client that along with the doctor I saved her life.'