Is Life Coaching right for me?

Life coaching is for anyone who wants to grow and see change in their lives. It is an opportunity for you to focus on yourself and your dreams and spend time planning how to actually make them happen. It is about respecting your ideas enough to invest in yourself and find a way to make them a reality.

How do I know that you're the right Life Coach for me?

Head over to the testimonials to see what my clients say about me. Look at my website and Instagram and you'll get a feel for who I am. Email me to arrange an informal 10 minute 'chemistry call'. See if the coaching packages resonate with you - I offer two. One for clients with clear ambition who know what they want and just want some support to get there; The Focussed Four. Another that is for anyone wanting change but not sure what or how. Together we will work it out; The Speedy Six.

What can you coach me on?

The coaching process can be applied to almost anything. Common areas include:

Adapting to motherhood, career progression, overcoming a specific fear or challenge, taking back control of your life, setting up or growing a business.

Is it possible to have a taster session?

We can arrange a 20 minute chemistry call in which you can tell me about your where you are now and where you want to be, or at least where you don't want to be. 

What is the difference between Life Coaching and counselling?

Coaching is about the future and not the past, what you want and not what you regret. It is about things inside of your control, not things outside of your control. Coaching is about taking action, not just talking. Coaching is about learning from the past, looking to the future and living in the present. It is about taking responsibility for every area of your life. This is why it is so incredibly empowering. During coaching, past experiences may crop up, if they link to the goal we will look at the belief around the experience, but it is not about talking over past experiences or regrets in detail. It is about looking forward to where you want to go, focusing on what you have control over now.

What if I live too far away to come to your coaching space?

Coaching can be carried out in person at an agreed location near me (I am based in Fernhurst, a village just outside of Haslemere in Surrey), on Skype or over the phone. 

What are your qualifications and experience?

Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching through an ICF (International Coaching Federation) accredited course provider. 

Diploma in Interior Design from KLC School of Design - and got interested in the psychology of space! 

BA Hons History of Art and French... less relevant but now you know.