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The Focused Four is for ambitions people wanting to see dramatic change over the next four months. It is for those who have a vision and goals and need some structure and support to make that dream a reality. This is ideal for mothers going back to work, anyone wanting to mover forward significantly in their career, or starting a business.

The package works around Hannah's favourite and proven goal based strategy of up to three goals over 100 days. This leaves 10 days for preparation and 10 days to review and reflect ensuring valuable lessons are learned and successes celebrated. 

The Focused Four package includes:

Focused Four Tool Kit including pre first session preparation work

10 coaching sessions with Hannah* (divided into a 2 hour face to face planning session , 6 Skype sessions spread out over the 100 days and a 2 hour face to face reflection and review session at the end).

Piece of Be Collection  mantra Jewellery which you will choose at the end of the Planning Session to help you focus over the 100 days.

Four Journal Time Mini's (amazing tools used by the Be Me charity)

Journal Time Tools to use before, during and after the 100 days

Year Planner designed to work with the Focused Four


*Sessions are 50 minutes and can be in person for those in Haslemere and surrounds, held over Skype, or on the phone depending on location and preference.